Ruby Jane Cabagnot

Why I Use Auth0 on My Projects

This article will discuss why I use Auth0 on my projects and how it can help you build secure, scalable, and user-friendly web applications.

Exploring the JavaScript Rest Operator

This article will delve into the JavaScript rest operator, exploring its usage in gathering/collecting items, destructuring, functions, and its importance of placement.

A Lowdown on Lodash

This article will discuss the basics of Lodash and how it can help you write cleaner and more efficient JavaScript code.

Reactive Programming

Reactive programming is a programming paradigm that focuses on how data flows through an application. It is based on the concept of data streams and the propagation of changes.

My Take on React Query

This article will discuss my take on React Query and how it can help you build fast, efficient, and reliable web applications.

JavaScript Ternary Operators

Ternary operators are a shorthand way of writing an if-else statement. They are often used to assign a value to a variable based on a condition.